Our Sixth Fundraiser

A Successful fund raiser for
Farmers Helping Farmers

still a few on sale at Unreal City, and by order from us.

"Comic books were 12 cents when I was a kid -
this one is 12 dollars but it's on
better paper and has a nice cover."

Lillian McHugh

$1200.00 raised for Farmers Helping Farmers.

The Pink Penguin

The story of Darwin, a penguin, who realizes he is different and leaves his northern* home to find himself and just go with the floe.

on sale at

Unreal City
comic toys art

$12.00 each

139 2nd Ave. North


the web mistress apologizes: Darwin, being a penguin, was from the South Pole, not the North.


Kate Hodgson is one of the founding members of Happy Leopard Chapbooks. She has always admired cartoons and really enjoyed collaborating with Lillian.

joe cat's boat







LillianLillian McHugh is the pen name of a Saskatoon writer. Edge Islands is her first foray into the comic genre. Now she wants to move there.Darwin the pink penguin Be sure and check out Lillian's website where you will find a couple of videos of Kate making the endpapers for the book. They are a little wait to load, but fun.