The Great St. Patrick's Day Race

Orange cat at the top of a pine tree."All stories are true. Some of them even happened, and when I say 'Once upon a time' it will happen to you."

On St. Patrick's Day there is a sled race from Ice Landing to Lac Staint Marie down to Roberts Trading Post and back to Ice Landing: a course of 15 kilometers. Old Annie doesn't have dogs, but she has cats. Some of the kids think she is a witch. She lives alone, dressed funny and smokes a pipe. And now she sled races cats.

What could happen?




Kate made special book cloth for each cover of these books. Her description of the process:

The cloth is ironed and then pasted onto a sheet of very fine Japanese mulberry paper. After tapping it down carefully with a stiff brush so there are no bubbles, it is spread against a smooth surface to dry. I find these old aluminum framed windows are perfect for that. The paste is a thin cooked flour paste. Although it means pressing things to dry overnight at several stages, I have started using this home made paste for gluing the covers together and covering them with the book cloth and then putting the end papers in when the book block is inserted. I used to use glue sticks which are acid free and neat and dry very fast - but they have so much non-recyclable plastic that this is a much more environmentally friendly and traditional method. I still use the glue sticks in workshops because of time constraints.