Kate HodgsonKate Hodgson is a founding member of Happy Leopard Chapbooks and a prolific illustrator and book designer. Starting off with our very first book, Kate has produced the art work for Grundoon Gopher & Maple Street, Thinking Now & Remembering Then, the Edge Island books: The Pink Penguin and The Recipes from the Painted Cookie Cafe & Bistro. In 2014 Kate did large full page illustrations for Mike and Alison Flensburg's Grassland, Wind Land, Sky Land, and in 2015 designed and made the imagery for Marion Mutala's The Time for Peace is now.

For Vowel Play Kate has produced, with her customarily delightful style, playful illustrations of English vowels which engage in trapees work and have a supporting cast of birds, wolves, little old ladies, ghosts, wolves and cats.

Letter I with moon and music