Happy Leopard Chapbooks

History: by Beth

Happy Leopard Chapbooks
grew out of a desire to raise money for Station 20 West in Saskatoon, the wish to publish two friends' stories, a want to create chapbooks for fun, and a need to shorten Kate's bookbinding training company name to something shorter than: happiness of the lucky orange leopard chewy joy slab communications. Oh, and Beth's inablility not to draw a logo to go with the name. The Station 20 West project was a success.

One book never being enough, as well as a wealth of charities to choose from, it was decided some rules needed to be put in place for future projects.

History: by Kate

Happy Leopard Chapbooks was founded in 2008 as a non-profit, pro bono publico organization which produced a limited edition, hand made book to raise funds for Station 20 West in Saskatoon.  This first project - released in March of 2009 raised $2156.75 for Station 20 West’s Good Food Junction.  Materials and artistic content were donated and labour was voluntary. The authors and artists retained copyright of their work. One hundred signed and numbered copies were sold and buyers were encouraged to donate above the asking price. The entire sum raised was donated to Station 20 West.

The success of the project inspired the participants to plan another production for another local charity.

The following statutes were adopted:

1. Writers, Artists and Book Binders will mutually agree on the recipient charity which will receive 100% of the profits from sales.

2. Designers will collaborate with the Authors, Artists and Book Binders to develop the book projects.

3. Copyright for all creative content is retained by the individual artist or writer and may be re-issued in another format or sold at their discretion outside of the Happy Leopard limited edition.

4.Labour will be voluntary.

5. Founding members will fulfill the following roles by appointment.  Elections will take place at the call of the President.

President:  Murray Wood (the Beautiful Man)
responsible for overseeing the smooth running of the operation and miscellaneous duties as they arise.

Chief Economic Officer:  Kate Hodgson
responsible for financial records, bank account, collection of sales monies and disbursement to appropriate Charity. Contracts with writers, artists and charities and miscellaneous duties as they arise.

Artistic Director: Beth Matheson
responsible for logo, website, advising on project designs and production quality and miscellaneous duties as they arise.



With our ninth book we have found ourselves successful enough to move our national headquarters into new digs.

New Happy Leopard HeadquartersWe began our corporate life in a file folder. As we grew we moved to a shoebox, and thence to a large-ish clear rubber tub. But now, we have reached the big time: a suitcase.

And not just any old suitcase. A very special old suitcase. With new leopard inner lining and the book covers of all our past travels on the lid.

We look forward to filling the whole of the outside of our new headquarters.

Much thanks to our CFO
Kate Hodgson
for all her labours in scouting this location for us and making sure it was done up in fine fashion.