Our Third Fundraiser

A Successful fund raiser for
Saskatoon Grandmothers for Grandmothers

drums illustration


Sold Out!
Early in December a cheque for $1000.00 will be sent to Grandmothers for Grandmothers in Saskatoon.

Thank you to everyone.


Thinking Now & Remembering Then : 4 poems, story by Marie Dunn, has been produced by Happy Leopard Chapbooks in a limited edition of 100 books. The books were hand made by the Happy Construction Team (Kate, Beth, & the Beautiful Man). Books are $20 each.

All materials and creative content for this project are donated. Purchasers can be confident that 50% of their payment will go to Grandmothers for Grandmothers.



marie dunn

Marie Dunn, a native of Woodstock, Ontario, came to Saskatchewan to work as a Regional Nutritionist. She moved to a position in Ghana, West Africa for a few years before returning to Saskatoon and eventual retirement from the University. She is a volunteer and a sometime writer.




kateKate Hodgson loves playing on the borders between craft and art. She has studied fine arts but also learned to knit from her grandmother, mother and aunts around the same time she was learning to read. She indulges in painting, sculpture, weaving, and illustrating. She also enjoys Lolcats. During the course of illustrating Marie's poems Kate has discovered Adinkra; a symbol language used by the Akan people of Ghana and the Ivory Coast, West Africa. She has put these symbols to use in the illustrating of Thinking Now & Remembering Then : 4 poems.

mate masie symbol

Mate Masie literally means "what I hear, I keep" or "I understand". It is the symbol of wisdom, knowledge and prudence.






A trotro.