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Mindfulness Meditation

by Jason Rorick

book cover of Mindfulness by Jason Rorick

"And now a BIG thank you to Happy Leopard and WELL DONE on the mindfulness book which arrived yesterday. The format is ideal and I really appreciate what I've read so far. Beth's simple brush marks go well with the text. ONce again you guys have put together a tiny perfect book" MC


These tiny perfect books are a series of exercises created by Jason Rorick, a police officer who knows from personal experience what he is talking about in using mindfulness to recover from OSI and PTSD.

If you would like a copy of the book please contact Jason directly at jasonrorick@hotmail.com.


Jason Rorick was introduced to mediation as a young man. He trained in Muay Thai, Kempo, shotokan Karate, and Jiujitsu. He used many types of meditations for success. About ten years ago he was introduced to internal martial arts like Baguazhang and Tai Chi which added moving meditation into his routine. Then, after eight years as a police office, he was diagnoised with PTSD. He returned to meditation practices and mindfulness to recover and was able to go back to work with the police. He had become a certified mindfulness and self-hypnosis coach. "I returned to work as a police officer, shortly after really learning to become mindful, with a goal of 24hr mindfulness."

Jason has written several blog articles on PTSD and recover that have been requested and re-posted by organizations supporting recovery from PTSD along with healthy minds and bodies. Jason continues to work supporting PTSD recovery. He helps any way he can, empowering people by sharing his journey to recovery. Recently he has performed a power of intention demonstration for the local OSI-CAN group in saskatoon, and the Gala for the provincial OSI-Can.



A.E. Matheson has been with Happy Leopard from the beginning. Illustrating the mindfulness book was at first a challenge. Matheson likes details in her images. Taking time to focus, breathing, emptying her mind of expectation she let the paint brush move. The result was simple brush strokes and solid colours to compliment the mindfulness exercises of the book.

simple swashes of colour: organge, gold, yellow