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Mallow's Course by David Carpenter
Saskatchewan writer David Carpenter has donated the use of this short story
in support of Station 20 West’s Good Food Junction. 
Happy Leopard Chapbooks has produced one hundred hand made copies, signed by the author.


cover photo by Honor Kever

"Mallow's Course, a chapbook by indefatigable Saskatoon writer David Carpenter, is a merry romp through a time long past in the frilly groves of academia. A woman in the 1980's goes to a conference and spots an old goat of a professor she had in the '60's. This encounter prompts a reminiscence of her time in grad school in Oregon when students still used such arcane devices as typewriters and card catalogues. ... Carpenter does a superb job of getting the literature-drenched setting and the tone of anxious young academics just right. He's also done enough time in the academy to paint adroitly some eccentric character types."

- Bill Robertson, The Star Phoenix April 6, 2013


Books $20 each.
100% of the price goes to
Station 20 West.



Photo art © Honor Kever



David C. Carpenter, lives in Saskatoon. His published works include poetry, essays, short stories, novellas, and full-length books in fiction as well as non-fiction genres. In 2010, his latest novel, A Hunter’s Confession, was released, in which he explores the history of hunting, subsistence hunting versus hunting for sport, trophy hunting, and the meaning of the hunt for those who have written about it most eloquently.

Carpenter holds the Bachelor of Arts degree in modern languages (1962) and the Bachelor of Education degree (1964) from the University of Alberta, the Master of Arts degree in English (1967) from the University of Oregon and the Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Alberta (1973). He is married to artist Honor Kever; they reside in Saskatoon, where he has served on the faculty of the English Department at the University of Saskatchewan since 1975.



Honor Kever, a Saskatoon artist born in Boise, Idaho, who studied at San Antonio College, the Cleveland Institute of Art, and Arizona State University. Before she moved to Saskatoon to take a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Saskatchewan. Kever has taught photography, drawing, painting and calligraphy and is an active member of the Saskatoon Arts Community. She was Exhibitions Coordinator for the Shoestring Gallery (later A.K.A. Gallery) and the Photographers Gallery.

Kever's photographic exhibitions have toured throughout Canada and in the United States. Major exhibitions have included The Brooding Rooms: Mother-and- Childhood Reassembled (1986 at the Photographers Gallery) and Stations Along the Way (1989 at the Mendel Art Gallery). She continues to live and work in Saskatoon.



Mallow's Course

In Mallow’s Course an aging academic, reflects on her days in graduate school with a wry and observant eye:

 “From my memory of things back then, liberation had nothing to do with love-ins or drugs or articles in Playboy or Playgirl and a great deal more to do with Vatican II and Martin Luther King.  In 1964, it seems to me, all the Beatles wanted to do was hold your hand.”

This story crystallizes several moments in time without blurring them through the filters of more recent social change.