Our Fifth Fundraiser

Another Successful fund raiser for
Station 20 West

A cookbook... Book of Days title page

sort of...

a brief, amusing, book of days, done in a medieval style and containing
a number of recipes and helpful hints.


Sold Out!

$2000.00 raised for Station 20 West
Good Food Junction

thank you letter from station 20 west

Thank you to everyone who purcased a book,
to those who helped with the making and the selling,

[Nora, Audrey, Kim, her two friends, Amanda, Tammy & Jerry, Pat & Henry,
Beth, Kate & Murray (the Beautiful Man)].

to Chris and Walter for the music at the launch,

& Amanda, Chris, Glenda, Iffat, and Edna who brought food from their recipes. Yum.

To all who donated their talents, labour, materials, and funds
to Happy Leopard to make the project possible.

100% of funds raised by the sale of this book go to Station 20 West's Good Food Junction.


to Marie Dunn for her generous donation toward materials,
to Art Placement
and St. James with the Refinery
for their continued support.

And to Pat Doell for finding fault*
(spell'n an such).


*She did find fault with this site, but I lost the paper with the notes on it, so until I can ask her to do it again, you will have to suffer with my mistakes.
I don't see a single one.
Which is why I need Pat.


Kay Jones, Enda Warrington, Jo Brunel and Michael Truskoski, Chris Lingren,

Kate Hodgson, Jean DeNoble(on retreat),

Darlene Fichter, Iffat Ahmad, A.E. Matheson (editor)

Edward Shoemaker, Glenda Murdoch, Lillian McHugh, Amanda Doucette.

everyone in costume

You'd think the Beautiful Man didn't cook...



(what, again?)
don't worry, she's not on again for at least two books


green hat

sleeping nun on the first dayA.E. Matheson is book person of all trades.

She writes, illustrates, makes, mends, and reads books. She lives and works in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and spends her spare time at the library...working with books.


More of Beth's work, books and art can be found at her website www.aemworks.ca