Our Second Fundraiser

A Successful fund raiser for
Saskatoon Street Cat Rescue

arnold sniffingpie cover


Sold Out!
as of November 24th, all the books were sold. A few people are waiting until payday, but early in December a cheque for $2000.00 will be sent to Saskatoon Street Cat Rescue.

Thank you to everyone.


arnold and his piePie, story and illustrations by A.E. Matheson, has been produced by Happy Leopard Chapbooks in a limited edition of 100 books. The books were hand made by the Happy Construction Team (Kate, Beth, the Beautiful Man, Pat, Betty and Darlene). Books are $20 each.

All materials and creative content for this project are donated. Purchasers can be confident that 100% of their payment will go to Saskatoon Street Cat Rescue.





Beth - author/illustrator


green hat

A.E. Matheson is book person of all trades.

She writes, illustrates, makes, mends, and reads books. She lives andworks in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and spends her spare time at the library...working with books.hester takes the pumpkin


More of Beth's work, books and art can be found at her website www.aemworks.ca




Hester stared.



Hester looks longingly into Griselda's garden


Hester must get a pumpkin for her aunt to make a pie. She can't find one anywhere, until she sees the perfect one amid the harvest festival decorations at Old Saint David's Church. Unable to help herself, Hester takes the pumpkin home. But the pumpkin turns out to be something more than she was expecting.