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Earth Angels

by Marion Mutala
icons and photos by Kate Hodgson
illuminated letters A.E. Matheson



The book

Earth Angels

"I have always believed in angels and their spiritural dimensions. I am fascinated by their ordered society and imagine them with cloudlike bodies. Telepathic in nature, they try and touch people daily to affect change in the world. This creates an oasis of peace. In the society of angels, one law prevails: the law of love and perfection. How nice is that! Their mission is to help humans grow in wisdom and love. They are ancient servants of God and humanity. Angels listen with their five senses, but also with their heart."

A passage from Marion Mutala's latest book for Happy Leopard Chapbooks, to raise money for the charity Nashi. Mutala is dedicated to assisting Nashi in its efforts to safeguard and educate girls vunerable to human trafficking.

In Earth Angels, Mutala takes the reader through a brief history of the types of angels. She dedicates the book to those who volunteer for Nashi, calling them Earth Angels.




Marion Mutala

Marion Mutala is the author of Baba’s Babushka: A Magical Ukrainian Christmas, winner of the Anna Pidruchney Award, Baba Babushka: A Magical Ukrainian Easter and Baba Babushka: A Magical Ukrainian Wedding, Ukrainian Daughters Dance (forthcoming).

Marion has a master's degree in education administration and taught for 30 years. With a mad passion for the arts she loves to write, sing, folkdance, play guitar, flower garden, travel, read and play badminton. With her two sisters, she has started a group call “The Sassy Sisters” and they entertain the seniors in many nursing homes. Marion's teaching and life experiences help her develop unique stories and songs, and her poetry has appeared in print as well.





Kate self portraitKate Hodgson, one of the founding members of Happy Leopard Chapbooks, is one of our regular illustrators. Kate produced the art work for the Edge Island books: The Pink Penguin and The Recipes from the Painted Cookie Cafe & Bistro. Last year she did the art for Grassland, Wind Land, Sky Land, The Time for Peace is Now. For Earth Angels Kate has provided photos of her icons, painstaking hand create works using centuries old methods.





green hat

A.E. Matheson is book person of all trades.

Also a founding member of Happy Leopard Chapbooks, she writes, illustrates, makes, mends, and reads books. She lives and works in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and spends her spare time at the library...working with books.

More of Matheson's work, books and art can be found at her website www.aemworks.ca