Our 11th Fundraiser

WCVM Today article

The Dog Sled Diaries by Miriam K├Ârner

proceeds go to:

University of Saskatchewan Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Remote Northern Clinic Program

for Canada 150 we splurged and made 150 copies

- and we thank Kate, Kim, Jeanette, Pauline (hole punching champion), Darlene, Dayle, Beth, and Murray (generous chauffer), Teresa (our international contributor) - and the at least two other people who are dancing at the edge of my memory.

special thanks to Alexina who got us a place at Vetavision

Miriam and Quincy and the dogs

Follow the humourous stories of Miriam's life with her partner and her dogs in Northern Saskatchewan, learning the joys of mushing, the difference between gee and haw, and just how many puppies you can fall in love with.


The Dog Sled Diaries

Is a cartoon series inspired by Miriam's life as a musher. Follow her from her very beginnings through the sled race her partner Quincy runs with their team, and the coming of puppies, and more puppies, and more....

Miriam's first dog team.